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Thursday, December 9, 2010


These are totally going to mess up my January Challenges... I just know it!

But... I somehow missed ever seeing much of Carriage House Samplings, I'm not sure how, until I managed to fall in love with the designs only to find they would soon be out of print and most places, online or otherwise, had them at prices I could no longer afford.

So I wistfully haunted eBay, and put some low bids on a few, and never ever won.

Until now.

These came in the mail, one today and one yesterday:


And this evening I came home to find that I had won The Village of Hawk Run Hollow and Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - for $40! (Together for $40, not $40 apiece!) They might be for sale cheaper somewhere, but I sure never found them.

The happy dance was very, very long. I am now exhausted.