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Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Down, Lots to Go!

Two Christmas prezzies are finished - both are items my DB requested.

Exhibit A: One Demonhunter Logo


Quite... um, interesting to stitch. The colors are really bright!

Exhibit B: One hideous Jayne hat


It's far from being the best hat I ever made, but the whole point of Jayne hats is that they're misshapen and ugly. I also took this pic with the camera tilted down, which makes the long, wide earflaps look very small and stumpy. They're not.

That wraps up (ha! a punny!) his handmade Christmas gifts. Now on to my DSister's!

Here's more choices for the Challenges:


I love this little Blue Cottage!

I've been wanting to brush up on my Crewel & Embroidery skills.

Flip'N Crazy:

I will finish my Angel!

And I will finish turning this bag of yarn into an original-pattern afghan!


Man, I hope both these challenges work! Lol - but I'm not holding my breath!!!

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