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Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Flag, Two Anchors, Three Knots

That's what I've finished on my Nautical sampler.


I'm not so sure about the anchors - they have white ropes which you totally cannot see in this picture. No backstitching is on the chart, but I don't think it shows up wonderfully well in real life, either. It's not bad, exactly, but it could be better. But nothing else in this row has backstitching, so would it look odd? I am undecided. Oh well. Four wee sailors are next, then finishing up the flags!


  1. No it wouldn't. I stitched red riding hood and I couldn't see mushrooms so I outlined them and I think it looks OK. Same with the ropes. You can do it with a beige or gray floss. It looks lovely by the way!

  2. I would do the backstitching too.

  3. Looking great, Tama. I agree with the ladies, I'd add backstitching too...