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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Oldest UFO SAL

EvalinaMaria is hosting an SAL for stitching your oldest UFO - you can get info here. I am very much joining this one, although I may not be able to start until 2012. I really want to get Fred done so he's going to take up most of my stitching time after I wrap up the few presents I have left.

I have a problem with this SAL, though - I don't remember which of my UFO's is the oldest! I was sure it was this one:

Photobucket Photobucket

Then I went rummaging through my craft room while looking for something else and pulled out this one:

And I distinctly remember that they were bought at the same store, somewhere in the same time period, and therefore were probably started about the same time.

So now I have to pick - which horse? I don't know if I should take a wild guess, let someone else pick, pull a name out of a hat, or what? But either would be fun to work on, though that Gentleman & His Lady is a heck of a lot more complicated. Which one would you guys pick to do first?


  1. I guess I would pick the one that was least likely to get done since that is kinda the purpose of the UFO SAL. JMHO :-)


  2. Hmmm, I really like the Gentleman and his Lady but I dunno, I suppose whichever one you would NOT do, do that one! Lol!!

  3. I think I would pick the Gentleman and His Lady so as to get the hardest one done first.


  4. Do the one that would challenge you the most to finish! =) They will both be beautiful when done!

  5. Myself, I would pick the man and lady because I would probably never get that one done! LOL

  6. Hmmm..... do them both!!! :D I vote for the 2nd one, I've never seen that and I'd love to see it all stitched up. :D