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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Crochet and a Tiny Finish

I snapped a quick pic of the Juliet dress - the length is coming along nicely. I didn't arrange the dress for the pic, it was just a spur of the moment thing while I was measuring, so do forgive that it's laying a bit lumpy!

And here's a pic of my makeshift blocking board with some white granny squares (and two granny triangles). They are very brilliantly white in real life, and I'm being very, very cruel to my sister-in-law with them... she's getting a white scarf for Christmas. She'll love it BUT I would hate to be her trying to keep makeup off of it! The squares will be stitched together and then edged with a glittery blue yarn, and there will be tassels! Normally I wouldn't block granny squares as they usually shape themselves quite nicely, but I want the scarf to look really good so I'm not taking chances.

While cleaning up some cluttered closets (how's that for alliteration?) I found this little tiny kit in an old purse...

So... I don't remember buying or starting this... but there was no WAY I was adding something this small to my WIP list. So I finished it up, and had the devil's own time getting that little monster into the frame. I could NOT get it centered. This was the best I could do. But it'll look cute on Mum's stocking at Christmas.

I'll have a progress pic of my Nautical Sampler soon! I was watching TV with my Dad and trying to get a bit of backstitching done on the flags and I left it at my parents' house. So I have to pick it up tomorrow. But I've finished the knots and the anchors.

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  1. The dress looks great, Tama!!

    Ooooh, I'm going to love seeing that scarf come together. :D