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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Feather in His Cap

I didn't get to start the little PM boy until today - here's his small beginning!


I'm going to work on him more today, I just thought I'd post the pic because I could think of a cute blog title.  I'm shallow that way XD

I had a moment's confusion when finding the pattern in the book - stuck in the page with the girl's pattern was a 3-strand ort.  I was sure I had stitched the girl with two strands, so off I went to dig her out.

I was right about the two strands, so that ort was random - but I also discovered something forgotten! I had stitched the girl on a piece big enough to add the boy, as well.


That was a bonus, as I wasn't sure I remembered if she was on antique white or natural aida.  No worries now!

In other stitching, I finished off the chair and backstitched the rug beneath it.  I like that it looks like one of those old oval braided rugs my grandmother used to have.


On to the kitty!


  1. You have a great start to the boy...I think it is great that you are able to stitch them both on the same fabric. Isn't it great when things just fall into place?

    The chair looks good I love the blue color.

  2. Nice find about the fabbie! They'e going to look so cute together. :D

  3. How awesome to find that you have enough fabric to stitch the boy on!

    I thought, hey, a ghost cat! But no, it has yet to be stitched, haha.