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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lost & Found

I was trying to add up my very small amount of finishes for this year, when I realized that there was a stocking missing.

This one:


I have stitched this wee angel (sorry for the tiny pic) but she has vanished!  I stitched her back in May, I think, and I vaugely remember that my camera batteries were dead, and then when I got new ones I had forgotten about her.  So I went hunting and - she's nowhere.  Not with all the other finishes, not in my Rotation bag, not laying on one of the many cluttered surfaces in my craft room, not stuck in any of my spiral notebooks (I have a bad habit of doing that with small finishes) not in any of the bags and project boxes I've been carrying around - just nowhere.

So until she turns up, I'll have to use that pic!

One good thing - while digging through bags in my closet, I found this:


Which was supposed to be lost for good about three years ago and I've been trying to track it down on eBay!  I used to do one of these kits a year, but I knew I had started this one so, darnit! I wanted to do it next!  But, suddenly, there it was!  Hiding in a canvas Magic-Mart bag XD

And here is what I had done (wow!)


And here is what I could not resist adding last night (finishing one color)


And now off it goes into a drawer because I can't add it to my rotation just yet :D


  1. I was wondering because your camera wasn't working at the time did you think about using a scanner and left it there? I've done that. Just a thought and when you least expect it your stocking will show up.

    That looks like a really neat kit. I love it. You have a good start to it.

  2. Oooh, it's always fun to work on projects you haven't seen for a long time! It looks cool, too. ^^ Good luck finding the stocking, too! I've lost projects like that before, but they turn up every time.

  3. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your new start looks lovely and the angel stocking is so cute!

  4. Love the kit you found hiding. If your interested, I have many, many hundreds for sale. I like the way you stitch one color at a time.


  5. Best of luck finding your missing stocking! *grins* Did the dryer eat it like other socks?

    Love the new kit you found. It looks like it will go nice and fast for you.

  6. Good luck finding the missing stocking! You didn't stick it in a book did you? I have a terrible habit of using stitching as bookmarks, LOL.

  7. Oh no!!!! I hope you find that stocking!!!!