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Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Finishes

I had to work at a new site on my job yesterday - and there was no one else there and I had not a single customer - weird!

But it got these little monsters finished - yay!


There are 8 different shades of brown/gold/yellow in those bells, and you really can't tell at all XD

When I got home I finished this:


I had all but half the edging done, when I ran out of yarn and had to get some more.  Either I counted my gauge wrong, or the pattern tester was smoking crack, because I had already used about 4oz more of each color. :P

So that's one present down, and now I'll be starting on the next!  My mum loves the color purple, so when I saw this afghan I was sure she would want it.  (This is from the book 'Top Technique & Special Stitches Afghans', which also has the spiral pattern)


It's called 'Mosaic Stair-Step' and it's a little complicated, but not as much as it looks.  Anyway, I showed it to her to be sure, and she did love it - then stunned me by asking can I change the colors!  She wants it to match their bedroom so it can go on the bed, which means dark green and probably a light brown or tan.  Oh, well.  What Mama wants, Mama shall get!

Here's my to-be-made presents list:

Spiral Afghan for BIL - done
Mosaic Afghan for Mum - started
God Bless America for Dad - 1/4-1/3 done, has to be done by Nov to be framed
Amigurumi Ninja for the Goth Chick
Ruffled Knit Scarf for the Goth Chick - started
Yellow & White Ripple Baby Afghan for my SIL (she's pregnant! yay!)
Amigurumi Angry Birds set for my Nephew
Something for my brother - IDK what
Anniversary PM Project - 1/3 done, has to be done by Nov to be framed


  1. The bells are really cute and the afghans are amazing :D The one you did is really gorgeous I bet the one for your mum will be lovely as well :)

  2. Great finishes, Tama!!

    Looking forward to seeing the one you're making for your mom. Green and brown.... great combo!!! :D

  3. The bells are great and so is the afgan of spiral! Your next project will be awesome and yes, what Mom's want Mom's get, haha.

  4. Congrats on the finishes Tama. They turned out great. Love the new afghan pattern.