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Monday, September 24, 2012

Growing Day by Day

Okay - the angel? Never has turned up.  But I'm still looking!  I expect sometime I'll be going through some random stuff and there she'll be.

My wee PM Brave has a whole head now:


I'm backstitching this one as I go - something I always say I'm going to do and yet very rarely do so.  His feather and headband don't have any backstitching.

With the cat in the chair, I hit a snag - I don't like the way the backstitching of the doily on the chair back is done, but I keep having to frog my attempts to 'fix' it because I can't do math to save my life.

My spiral afghan was up to 32 stitches between increases when I took this pic:


Then as soon as I picked it back up to work on it, I saw I had done two increases side by side on a previous  row and had to pull a whole round of green out.  It was the equivalent of two rounds on a regular afghan.  Annoying!  But I didn't even stop and now I'm up to 36 stitches.  I have to get to 40 and then there's the edging.  I may have it done by tomorrow; I've been working on it while freaking myself out watching ghost-hunting shows on YouTube.  I've watched a lot of Ghost Hunters, and now I'm working my way through GHI - Paranormal State is next on my list.  I'm not sleeping real well, though! XD

Oh, and Witch Stitch and Bits has been down for almost two weeks but they came back online yesterday, with a sale!  In American dollars, it brings each pattern down to about $2.  Since I had missed two paydays while it was down, I splurged (if you can call $8.01 a 'splurge') and got four patterns.  Two I picked myself, off of my list of thirty, and two I let a random number generator pick for me.

Picked by me:


Aztec Warrior

Picked by the generator:

Hanging Out


I'll be posting again soon - my Eagle is next up in my rotation!


  1. Hello

    Your PM project is so sweet and I love your crochet!
    Lovely charts as well!

  2. Love the face of your PM and your crochet afghan is looking gret :D
    Nice charts you bought :D
    Congrats ;)

  3. Love the charts! Great progress on your projects!

  4. Great progress on the afghan and stitching. I love the new charts you got.


    PS I have over a thousand kits I would like to sell. Let me know if your interested in something.

  5. Awwww, little Brave is so cute. Afghan looks beautiful too. :D

  6. I laughed and thought your little brave was flipping the bird which doesn't suit Precious Moments AT ALL, o my, ahaha. I like to backstitch as I go along. But then again, I love to backstitch no matter what. 8D

    Your afgan would make me dizzy! It looks fabulous though~ :D