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Friday, March 1, 2013

March Goals!

Here's how I did for February:

1. Work on Snowing (done!)

2. Finish the leaves and 3371 on Nostlagy (did the 3371, did some background to make up for the leaves)

3. Work on 'Lovers' during IHSW (done, although not the goal I completely wanted)

4. Start Guardian Angel (done, although it's only a tiny start)

5. Don't start anything else (done! go me!)

6. Finish a stocking ornament (done!)

7. Work on afghans (done!)

8. #8 was a silly goal XD

9.  See if I can finish the main stitching on Fred (I did!!! Yay!)

So not too bad!  Here's my goals for March:

1. Work on Snowing

2. Finish the black on Nostlagy and whatever background I can

3. Work on Lovers during IHSW

4. Work on Guardian Angel

5. Work on Wufei

6. Work on afghans - try to finish one

7. Do a motif on Mary Wigham

8. Stitch two Sprites off my list

9. Stitch the metallic bits on Fred

10. Try not to start anything besides my usual birthday start

11. If I don't go insane getting this done, maybe a bit on Archangel?


  1. Great goals Tama. Good luck with them. I get too stressed out if I set too much for myself.


  2. Wow, you did great! Good luck with your new goals!

  3. Great work accomplishing your goals! Good luck with your new ones for the month :-)

  4. Love seeing all your WIPs. Now I don't feel too guilty about mine - ha ha ha! Great goals as well, and congrats on hitting the ones you set last month. I really ought to do this. First on my list of goals -- write a list of goals! Lol

    Gingham Dog and Calico Cat is a favorite of mine in my stash HEAP. I should go dig that out this weekend and start it!