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Friday, August 16, 2013

A Very Small Finish

I used to carry one of the Sprites from the DorkStitch blog in my purse or bag all the time - they're very quick to finish but I seem to have a mental block about working on them at home.  If I have time to sit and stitch for a while, I think I feel vaguely guilty if I don't work on a large project.  Weird.

Anyway, I started carrying little projects with me again and the first day I put the little baggy with my Sprite stuff in my purse, I finished a Sprite!

This one is Zell from Final Fantasy VIII - he looks like this (and like most FF characters, wears a really odd outfit):
 photo Ff8-zell_zpsc3b57bbc.jpg
And here is his Sprite:

 photo zell_zps02fe7edd.jpg

I also put two more black outlines on my Sprite fabric; the Joker (Batman) and Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho.  She's the one in the corner who currently has no eyes :D  That fills up this bit of material, so I'll be filling in the outlines now until they're all done.  They are not a set - they'll eventually be cut apart.

 photo spritecloth_zps660a3fbe.jpg

So carrying the little projects in my bag continues to work and I don't know why I stopped for a while.  I have a Stocking ornament almost done, too!

IHSW is this weekend, and I had part of today off, so Nostlagy is well-underway for her first turn in a loooong time!

Here's another HAED from my most recently paid-off layaway:

 photo Cascade_zpsea0afcf8.jpg

Cascade by Johnathon Earl Bowser  - she used to be a retired pattern; when I saw her for sale again I grabbed her! I've seen her stitched up and she's gorgeous!  Luckily there was a 45% off sale at the time and I was planning a layaway, sooo.....  And there is, by the way, a 50% off sale right now!  Just in case anyone feels the need to bulk up their stash :D


  1. Love that chart. I have taken one hit from the latest sale:)

  2. Ah, I have a piece of fabric like that right now, too! >< Your sprites all look so cool, though, and I love how bright Zell looks! Sometimes, I end up with blonde hair looking a bit dirty, which is a pain, but not an unavoidable one. Also, that HAED is fancy! How long does it take to stitch one of them? They look really daunting!

    PS: I couldn't get my comment to work when you actually posted this, as I seem to be poisonous to computers, but your Gundam Wing project looks beautiful! I can't believe how amazingly shiny his hair is- it's like an anime shampoo advertisement! It's perfect for that fabric, too.

  3. Yesterday I was trying to stitch in my poorly lit livingroom (even during the day) and discovered that I just cannot stitch with black floss on black Aida unless I have a spotlight shining on it!!! Unfortunately I'm at a point in the project where I have to start using the black floss before I can move on with the design.

  4. I love all your little sprites Tama. Another great HAED. Your suppose to be buying cut thrus. lol


  5. Congratulations on your sprite finish! Can't wait to see the start on your new HAED!

  6. Love your sprites! The chart you bought is stunning!!