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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Stocking, and Leaves

I finished Stocking Ornament #24 of 30 on Monday - this one is (obviously) Baby Jesus.

 photo jesussock_zps17e578dc.jpg

Isn't the lamb cute?  I love how the designer gave some of these such a subtle stocking shape!  If it wasn't for the decoration at the top, this wouldn't look like a stocking at all, at least to me.

I ran into a problem when I decided to look at the finishing instructions for these - I used the size of fabric that came in the kit, although I swapped the huge piece out for smaller, already-cut bits I had.  However, the template for cutting them, and cutting the felt backing, is tiny.  There are no instructions to increase its size but there is no way they are going to fit.  Even if I had used 18 count instead of 14 count.  Maybe 20 count would fit.

You can just color me completely confused.

Anyway - Wednesday I worked on 'Oops' while I was at work (four extra shifts this week!  Eek!) and I stitched all the leaves.  Today I stitched the wee mousie that's hiding in the basket, and backstitched all the leaves and most of the stems.  I want to get the basket backstitched before I show a picture of that, but here's the leaves all stitched up!

 photo leavesoops_zpse1ce0874.jpg

And for the fun of it, another HAED!  This one is from an old layaway, I forgot to show it:

The Gardener by Alison Spokes

 photo cede38cbb30056571b447446174bc844image435x6001_zps1751645a.jpg

This is the 'mock-up' in virtual stitches - the detail looks great to me!  The background is sort of patchy, but I'm pondering stitching her one of those fabrics dyed to look like a cloudy sky.  I used to adore ladybugs, and I do love a garden!  So she was an easy pick for me.  (Too many of them are easy picks for me - lol!)

 photo cc5ce5266dd034d5a6d597f11a9c1ac0image435x600_zpscee5bd25.jpg


  1. Great finish and lovely progress. Lovely chart as well.

  2. Nice finish and pretty chart:)

  3. Lovely stitching!!! And I like your new HAED, that's going to be so beautiful to stitch :) enjoy!

  4. I love the pretty new Gardener pattern! It's so funny, whenever I look at xstitch kits, the first thing I notice is the shading and how many thread changes it'll take and often times I pass on the kit. All thanks to that PITA Mt. Rainier project I can't finish!

  5. Great progress Tama. I have all those kitty kits. Love your new HAED.


  6. Wow the new HAED looks like a challenge! Gorgeous colours. I love your finishes.

  7. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is beautiful (:
    Enjoy IHSW!

  8. Very sweet finish! I love all the red in your new project.