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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bella

My darling kitterling, Grizabella, is two years old (give a day or two) today!  We decided that today is her birthday when my sibling and I adopted her and her brother.  His name is Muenster, and he is twice the size of my dainty little, um, hellion.  We chose today because it is also my sibling's anniversary (happy anniversary, Tavi!) and they were six weeks old when we got them exactly six weeks after their first anniversary.

So.  This is Bella-Cat then, when I was told she was a boy and did not check - I should have known better! - and named her Munkustrap for about two weeks until I thought I had better check!  I still occasionally call her Monkey.

 photo munk.jpg

That's the best pic I could get of the little rat-fink when she was tiny. The rest were usually of her bottom or the end of her tail as she ran out of the frame.  She was one of those kittens that never stays still, and she has also never outgrown that.  Mostly.  I can occasionally catch her being all lazy and indolent, usually in the sunshine.

 photo bella2.jpg

Didn't she grow up pretty?
 photo bella1.jpg

My favorite story to tell about Bella is when she was at my parent's pool while I was swimming - she leaped for a bird and almost caught it - then fell in the pool!  She actually seemed to like it, weird kit!  She is tiny, dainty, eats like a little horse, and is thin as a whippet.  Her tail is a mile longer than it should be and has a sharp bend at the tip.  Her mother was a pure-bred Russian Blue but she got out, so there is no clue who the father is!  Muenster looks pure-bred, but Grizabella has a definite tortoiseshell look going on!

 photo bellabuggy2.jpg

Showing off her chin-patch!

 photo misspriss.jpg

This is one of my favorite pics of her, just because of the silliness - those teeth! lol!

 photo teef_zps1996ee7c.jpg

This is the Cat that my Bella is named for (Munkustrap is in there, too - he's the gray male at the beginning) Grizabella the Glamour-Cat!

Hope that worked - never tried to embed a video before!

So anyway - Happy Birthday, Glamour-Cat!  May you have as many years as your older 'brother', years of keeping me awake all night, eating 10 treats to Audio's one, and leaving dead mice 'presents' for me.

Audio's 'birthday' is in November - wonder if I can find kitten pics?  He'll be either 18 or 19!


  1. Happy Birthday to Bella. Love all the pics of her.


  2. She's so cute! Happy birthday Bella! <3

  3. Happy Birthday Bella, cute pics

  4. Bella is a gorgeous kitty! Happy Birthday to her!!!