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Monday, August 12, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

I finally got around to working on my Princess Palace!  It's for a SAL that I've hung on to - the Bothy Cut-Thru SAL.  Info here with Debbie and here with Linda!

Here's how it was:

BCTPP - May photo bothypp4_zpsd309798e.jpg

And how it is now:

 photo pp4_zps5efd5472.jpg

I'm nearly done with the left side of the throne room - I have the metallic champagne bubbles and a teeny bit of princess hair and dress to go.  I've already started on the wallpaper stripes of the right side.  I stitched a cake and most of the princess this time round; so I thought - there is cake! and headless royalty! and thus I had my blog post title.

I like it when that works out :D


  1. How pretty all the pink is looking.
    Great progress! love Annette

  2. Nice! It's coming along beautifully :)

  3. What a pretty cake and great wallpaper! Keep up the wonderful stitching! I added your pic to the SAL page.

  4. Great progress Tama. Another one I want to do now. lol
    I'm so glad you kept this one in your rotation.