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Thursday, November 7, 2013

First 'Thrifty Thursday'

I decided to combine actually going thrifting - at flea-markets, estate and yard sales, and thrift stores - with doing something thrifty, as in to save money, for these posts.

Recently, my neighbors' grandchildren came to stay with them for a while - they go through my backyard all the time, which I don't mind.  What I do mind is that several times I have caught them peering in my windows.  They are girls, and preteens, so I'm sure they're just curious, and I never see them at night - but still!

I decided that my blinds aren't going to cut it, so I needed curtains. I'm on a pretty strict budget, so a-thrifting I went!  We have a nice little community thrift shop about ten minutes down the road, so I went and asked for blue curtains - any kind.  I have two sets of two windows that are right beside each other, but the way my house is set up, they are in two different rooms.  You can't really see the other set of windows unless you are almost right beside the little archway, so they didn't have to match.  The lady that owns the store found me one set of blue with white flowers - they are kind of angled, so they don't fully cover the window, but they are better than nothing!  The other set was off-white, in a sort of solid net (that sounds so stupid!) with blue stripes.

They totally worked for me!  And I hung a treasure between them, that I found at a Goodwill a month or so ago!  It's dated 1976 and I love it!  Total for the curtains was $2 a set, and I got the picture for a dollar.

 photo toocurt_zps357e9e70.jpg

That left the kitchen window as the last one that had to have a curtain - my other windows had curtains, except the living room, and it's too high for them to see in.  Still looking for curtains, though.  Anyway, all she had left was one panel of a very long, very narrow, heavily lined blue curtain with a shiny floral pattern.  I said I could make it work, and she sold it to me for $1.  So I came home, measured it and the window, did some cutting, sewing, and ripped out the tall, folded casing at the top.  I couldn't quite get the creases out of the bottom of the left curtain, from the ripped out casing, but I can live with that!

 photo sewcurt_zps2a470052.jpg

Two short, lined curtains to keep the peepers out and the heat in!  Love it! Now I just need some fabric to make some curtain ties.


  1. We all value our privacy - i am happy for you that you were able to find what you wanted - i like your cross stitch find too, good luck with the curtain ties.

  2. You did a great job with curtains Tama. And wow, what a bargain.


  3. Great bargain with the curtains!! This should definitely keep curious girls at bay :)

  4. Way to make 1976 sound like it was a hundred years ago! lol Great finds though; I love thrift shops!