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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stuck! - and some Blog Ideas

I was enjoying the Rainbow Stripes afghan immensely! It goes really, really fast - one day of work and I got this far:

 photo rain2_zps69302019.jpg

But - I went to find some green and I found light-green, dark-green, pale-green, spring-green, muted-green, any kind of green you want - except for a nice, basic, bright green.  So I am stuck until I can get to a store that sells yarn.  My Mum, funnily enough, has been past a Wal-Mart twice this week, and forgot to stop and get yarn for me twice.  Sheesh!  It's a long trip, so I can't justify going for only yarn.  As it stands, I'll have to wait for grocery day.

So since I couldn't work on that one, I started my Dad's afghan!  And here is how it looks - no matter how I set the camera, it burned the yarn out, flash or no flash.  I'll try to take a picture outside if the weather co-operates.  It's 'Cherry Red', a nice medium-dark color.  I do have bright red almost this shade for accent, but it's a few rows before I get to that.  My Dad is a big fan of red.

 photo ruby1_zpsf6ad9f86.jpg

Here's a better picture of the texture on my Mum's afghan - each of those puff stitch crosses is one pattern repeat.  I'm currently working on the thirteenth repeat and when I get to fifteen, the afghan is halfway done. It's a darker grey than this picture, the flash burnt it a little, too.

 photo grand3_zps8e158df0.jpg

And last but not least - my brother's afghan is this far, and those are the next two colors I'll be using.  Only one afghan left to start - but I'm focusing on my Mum's and my nephew's.  At least, I will be when I get some green!

 photo aut2_zpsc48bca17.jpg

Some blog ideas - I haven't been cross stitching much because I am focusing so much on these afghans.  That means a lot less posts, so I'm thinking about trying out some blog 'days' like Wordless Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday.  Might be fun!  Also, I'm going to set aside Fridays to cross-stitch, because my projects are screaming at me!  And so I'll be trying for at least a Stitching-Update Saturday :D

So tomorrow will be my first Wordless Wednesday post!  I'm hoping to maybe get some pretty leaves?


  1. Great work on all your afghans. Looking forward to your new posting plan.

  2. You're a crocheting MACHINE! And yes, red is very hard to shoot. I see pretty red flowers and leaves around but they get very distorted in photos.

  3. I love all the afghans your working on Tama. You can do it.... I think my favorite is the granny ripple. I just started a baby blanket that needs to be done Saturday. All yours make me want to crochet more, but my favorite to crochet is granny squares. Looking forward to your cross stitch update.