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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Goals!

Well, my goals for last week didn't go too badly:

1. Get the grey afghan to 20 repeats - I think I hit 18 or 19.  I didn't bother taking a pic.  It looks the same, just longer.

2. Get a stripe sequence done on the rainbow afghan - done!  Here's a pic:

 photo rain3_zpse35c3095.jpg

3. Get two color repeats done on the ripple afghan - I didn't plan this one well.  The actual color repeats are huge!  So now my goal to get a cream-colored stripe done - there are five cream-colored stripes in the whole afghan.  Got the first one!  Here's a pic:

 photo fall2_zps6354520f.jpg

4. Get another light red stripe done on the red afghan - done!  Pic again:

 photo red3_zps6d2a28e8.jpg

5. Start the last afghan - nope.  Didn't do it.

6. Take a picture of the Sprite so I can post about it - Here ya go!  Severus Snape, made for me by Missy at the DorkStitch blog.  She sent me the rough draft so I wouldn't have to wait :D

 photo sevsnape_zps80bb9c96.jpg

7. Get the wallpaper done in the throne room on Princess Palace - nope.  A little progress, but not that far.  I ended up making a new Q-snap cover, though.  I'll post about that on Monday, hopefully with the wallpaper done!

8. Work on Nostlagy for IHSW - did that!  Pics are in a previous post.

So here is next week - by next Friday I want to:

1. Get as close to 25 repeats on the grey afghan as I can
2. Get another row of cream done on the ripple afghan
3. Get another pattern repeat done on the rainbow afghan
4. Get another light red stripe done on the red afghan
5. Start the kitten afghan
6. Get the wallpaper done on the Princess Palace

Onward I go!


  1. Oh Tama you did great on your goals this week. I know you'll get all the afghans done in time. They are all gorgeous. I love the granny ripple. Can you tell me what pattern your using?


  2. Busy busy. Everything is making awesome progress:)

  3. The afghans are gorgeous! I, too, would like to know what pattern you're using on the ripple.

  4. Busy girl and the results are gorgeous!

  5. Great progress on all your afghans, they are looking wonderful!

  6. Wow, best of luck on everything this week! The afghans are so cool, especially the rainbow one! I love the bright colors on the gray base, and the ripple one looks fancy and pretty, too. There's one picture that won't load, but I'll come back later and see if it's there. Also, thanks for stitching Snape, it came out really well! I like the gold fabric you used- is it some sort of special brand?

  7. Great progress on everything!