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Friday, November 1, 2013

Three Done!

I finished my sibling's Green afghan on, hmm... I think it was Saturday!  and then on Tuesday my Mum and I sat down and did the fringe.

And today I got around to taking a picture.  I'm so very fast, lol!

 photo greendone1_zps08c35adf.jpg

It's on the same King-size bed as the others.  I'm not really happy with the fringe, although we did it just like the instructions say and it looks like the picture in the book, but to me it looks like it has gaps in it.  Mum says it's fine, so I will probably leave it as it is.

 photo greendone2_zpsfcc111cf.jpg

Very pretty stitch pattern!

Here is the start of the other afghan that has to be done for Christmas - Rainbow Stripes, for my 11-year-old nephew.  Super simple pattern but I'm having trouble with the yarn twisting.  Must figure out why!  It's two strands held together, but so was the green one and I didn't have any trouble.  I assume it's the different stitch pattern, but I don't know.

 photo rain1_zps7b27530b.jpg

I haven't been cross-stitching much, since I've been focusing on these afghans, but the other day I cut a big curtain down into two small curtains for my kitchen window, and while I was sewing I though I would try making myself a q-snap cover.  So I got out some fabric from when I used to make custom nursing scrubs, and here is my first attempt!

 photo qsnap1_zpscc838c65.jpg

It came out pretty good but the next ones I make, I will make wider.  I followed the instructions given but it's too narrow for my taste.  And there's not really any room to fold the extra fabric into, which was the main reason I wanted one.  But this one is cute!  I like smiley faces.  That's my Bothy Princess Palace in it - I picked it back up the other day and I'm nearly done with the wallpaper.


  1. Well done on the afghan finish, it looks amazing. Lovely progress on your next one and the q snap cover looks great.

  2. The afghan is beautiful - congratulations! I love your Q Snap cover, very happy looking :)

  3. The afgan looks great! I'm sure the fringe will plump up over time and with use. :D Good luck with the one you are doing for your nephew!

  4. Nice job with the afghan, it looks great. Strangely, your yarn twisting problem may be the yarn and not the stitch. Hope it works out. I love your cover, I have to try to make one of those sometime.

  5. Congratulations on finishing another gorgeous afghan. I know you can do. Great progress on the palace.


  6. Forgot to mention I love your new afghan start and the huggie looks fantastic.


  7. The afghan is beautiful! Great job on sewing your own Q-snap cover. I love being able to tuck in the extra fabric. I added your Princess Palace progress pic to the SAL page!

  8. Beautiful afghans!
    Well done on the snap covers!