My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, March 23, 2015

March IHSW

I almost forgot to post!  I didn't get much done on Lovers; just filled in more confetti.



A lot of the stitches around the flower are done but you can't see them that well - they are a bunch of shades of pale-this and very light-that. His hair will be so much easier when I get to it -  still light colors but mostly big blocks.  The whole second page is so much easier!  I'm hoping it will go faster. But in April's IHSW I am going to do my best to finish this page off.  I thought maybe I could do it this time but I kept falling asleep instead of stitching XP

I did a little coloring too, not much - not going to bother with a 'WIP' pic for my posters, but my Mum came up for a while and wanted to do one, too.  She decided on this one:

We worked on them for a long time one evening and still didn't get much done - I'll show the posters off when they are finished.  They will take a while - so detailed!  And both of us are trying to be perfectionists :D


  1. I think your progress on Lovers is quite visible =) I am also still making my way through the SAL piece from 2013, I have pages 2 and 4 left to do. 4 is fine due to less confetti, but page 2 is going to take ages...
    Your mum made a great choice with the poster =)

  2. Great progress on Lovers. Looking forward to seeing how the posters turn out :)

  3. I've always said I need to be a multi armed Indian god/goddess so that I can do all my stuff at once. Stitching and colouring.

  4. Any progress is progress and confetti takes SOOO long! Congrats!

  5. Some progress is always better than no progress

  6. Lovers looks great Tama.


  7. Wonderful progress, Tama! All completed stitches are reasons to celebrate.

  8. You can definitely see the difference - well done! Great poster choice.