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Friday, March 6, 2015

Mini-Rings - Staying Caught Up :D

This week the Mini-Rings CAL goal was rounds 34-37.

More orange, then two rows of white.  I was iffy about using white for these bigger rounds, but once it was done, I really liked it!

There's not much left; we'll all be happy dancing over this one soon!   I've decided to buy the big version, but I'm torn over whether to crochet it all one color or to make one in shades of blue - I saw a gorgeous one in shades of green, with pink and white to accent, and it was so very beautiful that I just stared at the picture!  But green won't match the room I want it for - I need blue afghans for my living room!

I guess I could do it twice? XD

PS - I've done a lot of updating on my pages recently, added back a lot of WIP pics and put a lot of crocheted stuff up.  Still have more crocheting to add - I have lots of hats to take pics of :D

PPS - Is tomorrow YOTA?  I'm thinking tomorrow is YOTA!  I must check!


  1. Wow it sure looks almost, almost done! Stunning;) so colorful indeed!

  2. The blanket and colors look great Tama. Do you know where you saw the green one. It is my favorite color. I have already bought the large version and may keep going on this one a little if its not big enough.


  3. It's gorgeous, Tama :-) Great job in catching up; I still have to do that with the blanket and the blog posts and pics. Two would be great if you can't decide on colors. Pink, green and white are so pretty together. Yes, I think tomorrow is YOTA, not that I'm ready for that post either :-) Take care.

  4. I just love this! Maybe the next one if you like blues, get variegated blue yarn?

  5. Your mini rings is looking great. :)