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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stashy Saturday

About six months ago, we had a Hobby Lobby open a lot closer to our area - it is a three hour round trip instead of a six hour round trip!

Thursday I was finally able to go!  So the next few Stashy Saturday pics will be of my 'loot' :D

For the first time ever, there were no cross-stitch kits that I wanted.  SHOCKING! lol!!!

I did buy some floss and almost kitted up Tournee du Chat Noir - I got every color but some of the ones that needed five or six skeins didn't get fully kitted as there wasn't enough available.  I also got all but one of the colors I still needed for Amanda and Axel.

And this - for which I fully blame JoJo!  She does such gorgeous stuff, and when I wandered past the art aisles, these were on the end.  One was on sale and one wasn't - I'm not sure what made the difference.

This is the first one I'm going to do:

I thought this one would be good practice before getting into the others - they are 10x14 and very detailed!  This is one of the least detailed ones XD  I did a tiny bit but not much, because it's IHSW weekend!  Lovers is getting some confetti filled in but it's slow going - I'll have a picture on Monday :D


  1. Is that colouring for grown-ups? Looks like fun! Don't forget your stitching though...

  2. HAHAHA Any time I can influence people to do any kind of artwork, I happily take the blame. lol I LOVE that design you are going to colour first! I also am salivating over those coloured pencils. I have prismacolour and while they are great and vibrant, they have a real problem with being broken up inside the pencil. So when you go to sharpen them, the coloured 'lead' comes out. For the price you'd think they'd be a little sturdier. We don't have Hobby Lobby here but I'll have to check AC Moore to see if they have a nice set like the one you got!

  3. Love your new stash Tama. I wish Joann's had those coloring books.


    1. I think you can order them on the Hobby Lobby website. They are $6 but the summer one is on sale for $3.50 right now.

  4. How beautiful =) I am very much looking forward to seeing you color this =) I went to a craft fair yesterday and they also had a shop selling these, there was a huge one on a table so one could go and color it a bit, that was amazing ;-) I hab a few mandalas lying in my cupboard somewhere and they are very relaxing, I thing this will be quite relaxing, too =)

  5. Looks like you are about to have some coloring fun! Look forward to seeing your picture all colored in.

  6. Wow they look great. Have fun colouring them in, I love this past time too! Let your imagination run wild. xo Alicia