My Huge Work in Progress List!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I'm copying most of this post from my monthly post at 'A New Stitchy Start' to this blog.  Totally cheating, I know!  But there is some different info for A-Z at the bottom :D

I procrastinated this month because I made an error last month.  I thought I might work around it, but in the end I knew I would have to frog, and I hate picking out stitches on this tiny fabric!  But I finally did it and restitched, then got a little more done.

Last month:

This month:

A few more shades of gray and a little more across the top.  This whole page is just greyscale sunbeams, but the next pages will be fun :D  If I go across, I get tree branches and the start of the Elf's hair, if I go down, I get the small figure of the Queen (the artist has stories on her website to go with the pictures, so I know she is a Queen.  I just can't remember their names!  I need to look them up)

I'll be posting my A-Z challenge posts late in the evening in case I have anything else to post, like Stashy Saturday or something.  So if you see one post when you are looking for a Letter post, it will be there!  Eventually XD


  1. I didn't know picking out stitches was called frogging. Seems I do A LOT of that.

    1. Technically it's 'ripping out' but it's called frogging because you 'Rip-It, Rip-It' :D

  2. Wow you have the patience of a Saint! Not only for frogging tiny over one stitches but that light on light stitching urgh. How uninspiring!

  3. I admire perseverance, and this is worth it, lovely progress;)

  4. i guess my comment got lost (again...)
    Great work on Unspoken. Frogging is always bad =/ I hate to frog when I work on Aida because the fabric looks like crap with giant holes when you are done ;-)