My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Portrait of Christ #2

Here's where I got to by the fourth - going fairly quick for slowpoke me :D

I remember seeing this kit on several blogs a few years ago and all of them called it difficult - I think that was why I got it.  For the challenge, lol!  There is a lot of confetti and blends but after a HAED - this is easy-peasy.

(Hopefully, those won't turn in to 'famous last words'!!!)

I haven't really picked a project yet for today - I put a few stitches on the October block of my Snappers but I don't think I'm sticking with it.  I feel the need to work on another WIP and then pick up the Snappers on the 10th.

Maybe Wufei will be next!  Nice big blocks of color :D :D :D

Happy stitching!



  1. You have made some great progress Tama. He looks great.


  2. Better go knock on some wood now lol Looking great!

  3. You've gotten A LOT done! That would take me 3 weeks!

  4. I have the opposite issue...kits after a HAED are incredibly hard for me, give me a HAED any day! But hey, you are progressing pretty good on this!

  5. It does look difficult but you can already see how detailed the design is. It's beautiful, great progress:)