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Thursday, February 25, 2016

'Unspoken' #2

I'm not sure when we are supposed to post our progress on the 'New Stitchy Start' blog, since it is Leap Year and the days are different.  I think that last year we started posting on the 25th but I'm not sure!  I think I'll wait until someone else posts there and then follow them :D

Here's my progress on 'Unspoken' though - I wanted to go ahead and post it, since I'm trying to only post one project at a time for a while, to keep my blogging interest alive, lol!!!

Here's last month:

And here's this month:

More filled in across, and some filled in down the first two columns.  That purple arrow I drew in the top right is the middle of the top row!  I've reached it!  (Part of page 1 is under the q-snap cover.)  Now to fill in those two pages... ha!

I'm one of those little girls who loved horses and grew up and still is nuts about them - for some reason this week, I really, really wanted to stitch a horse.  I did not want a new start, however, so that should give a big ol' clue as to which project I am pulling out next!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Great progress! All those light colours would drive me nuts though lol:)

  2. Looking great! White on white is so hard to see.

  3. Wonderful progress Tama. Looking forward to your next project. Are you ever going back to your jigsaw puzzle blog?


    1. I really need to! I have TONS of finished puzzles to post about :D

  4. Great progress! I felt so great when I reached the midpoint congrats!

  5. Amazing progress =) Congrats on reaching the half point =)