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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got my HAED Sal Rewards!

I won't be starting any of these right away, but I'm so happy to get them! These are my reward charts for posting enough WIP pics during the freebie SALs - if you posted enough, you got the other charts that you didn't choose at the beginning.

For stitching Ice Wind, I got SKs of Phaun, Rapunzel, and Treasures:


For stitching Rapture, I got QSs of Terra, Little One Lost, Fragile Heart, Faerie Bride, Curl Up with a Good Book, and Blue Rose:


If I start any of these any time soon, it will probably be Blue Rose, but for now I just need to actually finish some more of my HAED SALs! And start the new 2012 one, too!


  1. Hey hun, absolutely ages ago you left me a message on my blog asking about the chart for Dictionary of Tea.
    If you don't mind the fact that it's covered in highlighter, if you drop me your address I'll send the chart to you.
    Love the many new charts by the way, very pretty!

  2. Those look *lovely*!! I can't wait to see your stitches on them.

    *grins and writes the titles down* I might pick a few of those up later. I always find the loveliest artists from your wish lists *laughs*.

  3. Oh I adore Phaun! I wasn't a member of the boards in time to catch him but he's just gorgeous