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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowing - It Begins

Remember this adorable guy?


Well, Evalina bought the pattern, too, and we have started a SAL!  She's much further than I am, which should suprise exactly no one.

Here's my tiny start - I did most of this on January 1st, which was when I began - he is my traditional New Year's start! - and then I spent most of the rest of the week in bed asleep.  He's gotten a little further, but not too much.


I'm stitching him one-over-one on 28ct, so he's going to be pretty tiny!  I'm also trying out parking for the first time, so that's slowing me down a little bit.  It's kind of fun, but I don't know if I could handle a lot of colors.  So far I'm only using six needles.

In related news, I've cleaned up my WIP page - it's gone from 84 down to 77.  I did delete 'God Bless America' even though it's not quite done, because I didn't feel like coming back and doing it later, and also because I want to try and finish it up this evening.  So really I have 78 WIPs right now.  Yikes.

Oh, yeah, and Snowing is one of the soon-to-be-gone patterns by WSnB - see previous post!


  1. You know what? The longer I look at the kitty I'm realizing that it is a girl! Her name is Tabatha. Well, that's my kitty. What about yours?

  2. 'Snowing' is adorable. Haven;t tried parking needles yet. Maybe one day. Happy Stitching!:)

  3. Such a cute little guys. Well done on your progress so far.

  4. Great new start Tama. I am going to get that chart.