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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two, Nine, One Hundred

I have two of seven diamond panels done!  (The baseball bat is full-sized, I put it there to show how long they are; I couldn't find my yardstick!)

Nine of twenty squares for my baby nephew's afghan.  They've been crammed in a bag so they're all curly.  I'm having to change my color idea to just ten each of these colors - I've been unable to find the other two shades I wanted.  Oh, well.  This will work nice with the medium green I've found for all the borders.

One hundred!
I finally hit one hundred repeats on this dreadful but pretty afghan!  It's so small to look at but it weighs more than the king-sized granny square one I have!  All those singles make it very thick and very heavy.  It's hard to work on it even when its draped in my lap because my wrists start to ache.  Thirty repeats to go!

Today is the last day for Witch Stitch and Bits!  Here's the last of the charts that I know are not available on the other site.  The motorbike and the rose may be eventually, but they aren't right now.  The others are by the retiring pattern-maker, Angel.

White Tiger Cub - first pic is the cross stitch version, second is the tapestry.  I only bought the cross stitch version, but look at the difference in the nose!  I think it'll be pretty easy to fix it to the way I want, which is more like the tapestry version.

Then there's Pretty Pink Kimono, Dark Rose, Wheels, Carousel, Dew Drop Inn, and Elegant Fountain.


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  1. Your afghans look great Tama. More great charts. I have ordered several from them now.