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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Motif for Mary

I took a look back through my blog, and I think the last time I posted about poor Mary Wigham was in 2011.  I stitched another set of initials since then, but nothing else.

Yesterday I added a motif - this lovely half-motif in black and blue.  I had to tweak it a lot - I'm not stitching this as an exact replica, since I'm using my own choice of initials  and so I've been fixing the mistakes as I go because I kinda like symmetry.  Sometimes the mistakes are little, and I don't worry about them, but this motif was all kinds of messed up.  I didn't realize it when I stitched the top half, so it's the bottom half that got fiddled with the most.  I couldn't fix it perfectly without moving the motif over and down a bit, and I didn't want to have to adjust the whole rest of the sampler, so it's as I could, and not quite as I would.  But I'm happy with it.

 photo mwbb_zps200060db.jpg

I may stitch another motif this month, but I will definitely stitch another next month.  When I do, I'll take a picture of the whole project.

I've now paid off all of my HAED layaways except for the newest one - yes, I put some more on during that Valentine's sale!  I couldn't resist... I think stash-buying is a disease.  But I have 'til May to get it paid off.  In the meantime, here's another from one of the earlier layaways - another of Dahlig's Sins.

 photo Lust_zps33ec78af.jpg

She's far from being the last of the new patterns!  I'm not getting any more for a while unless they have a sale of at least 35% off.  Even then I think I'll just knock one or two of the QS patterns off my wishlist.


  1. Oh my Tama. Another great chart. I think you better give up on sleeping and eating. lol
    Mary Wigham is very pretty. I think the motif looks just fine. If you hadn't told us you changed, we would have never known.


  2. Looking forward to seeing the "big picture", lol!

  3. The motif looks great! It would really bug me if they weren't all symmetrical. I could go crazy trying to stitch a design like this!

    Congratulations on paying off your HAED layaways!

  4. Oh good work on the motif, I'm glad you could get it to work. Wow that HAED looks amazing. Stash buying is a disease. I'm wondering why I bought another magazine with more patterns myself!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog about what you read. I do reading posts every Wednesday but had a special Winter project :)