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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Turtle Trot!

It's Turtle Trot time!

Allow me to apologize for the lousy pic - I nearly forgot what day it was so this was taken long after dark.

These are the Turtle Trot projects I've worked on since Feb. 13, except for Guardian Angel.  He has a bit more, but I left him at my parents house.

 photo ttM_zpsc3f78e35.jpg

QS Lovers, Snowing (there's more stitching, I swear!), Mary Wigham, Wufei, and Frederick the Literate.  I got both of my other Angel projects out, but so far they're just sitting there mocking me while I stare blankly at the computer screen. XD

IHSW is this weekend - I'll be working on Lovers again.  I already know I have to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I'll prolly pick them up for some quality time tomorrow, if I gt my housework done.  You wouldn't believe the stack of dishes in my kitchen, lol!

Another layaway-d HAED - Mermaid of the Deep

 photo mermaidofthedeep_zps149dd5fd.jpg

I have already stitched her as an SK - although she's on 18ct and so is much too big for a bookmark; I had her framed - but I've always liked the large version with the ebil!fish and I figured I'd go ahead.  Now I'm just hoping her hair shows up well.  I love the way it looks.


  1. Great progress and love your new chart:)

  2. Excellent work on your Turtle Trot projects! I like your new HAED too- those fish look pretty awesome!

  3. Great progress on all your pieces! Wufei looks awesome! Those are wild looking fish on your new HAED chart!

  4. Great progress on everything Tama. Love your new HAED chart.


  5. Wow look at all your projects!! They look great. The Jasmine chart is stunning. You have no worries about the JBG charts. I've completed one and it looks exactly like the pic when stitched up. The hair will look amazing. Can't wait to see your progress on her.
    Good luck and happy stitching!