My Huge Work in Progress List!


Sunday, March 10, 2013


I haven't been cross stitching much, for two reasons.

1 - I don't feel all that great.  I can't shake this cold/flu/virus/whatever.

2 - this:

 photo grnblks_zpsf0b475e2.jpg

All the squares are done, edged, and I'm in the midst of blocking them because the medium-sized squares like these always seem to curl.  Smaller, they lay flat.  Bigger - like afghan sized - they lay flat.  12 inch squares?  Completely curly.  You can see the difference in the little stack of done ones, right?

There's only water in the spray bottle - pin 'em to the towel-covered cork board, spritz 'em, and when they're dry, they're mostly flat and lovely.  If only my cork board was bigger!  Next step is to sew them all together.

Another HAED - Soldier Boys by Tracy Butler.

 photo soldierboys_zpsb2a00037.jpg

Handsome fellows, aren't they?  They make me think of the Harry Potter universe, only not Harry and Draco.  A younger Severus and Lucius, maybe, if they were dragon-warriors?


  1. Oh, I think your afghan is going to be really pretty! Even if the squares are driving you nuts right now, they'll flatten eventually, and the colors are pretty.

  2. The squares are lovely and the chart is very nice too.

  3. Hi Tama. I love the afghan your making. As I think I said, green is my favorite color. I have never had plain granny squares curl like that. Are you putting a chain one between each group? Or, you must crochet really tight. Or, you might try using a bigger hook.
    I really like the new chart. If I did HAED's, I would for sure do that one.


  4. Solider Boys is one of my favorite HAED's.. I have purchased that chart as well. I love their expressions.