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Monday, March 18, 2013

March IHSW

Alternate Title - 'How I Did Not Stick to My Plan'

Here's QS Lovers after a small amount of love on Thursday and Friday evenings:

 photo lovMar_zpsb5a6d6b3.jpg

I was going to just focus on his face, but I printed out the other pages and thought - well, there's the rest of his face... and his neck...  and so my plan to get his face (at least from page one) done this turn went right out the window.  I also added to her neck and his hand.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had to work, as always, and at the busiest of my job sites, so I didn't want to take a HAED.  I thought I'd take along the two Sprites I wanted to finish, and see how I could do on lunch breaks.  But I somehow managed to abandon that plan, too, and just start filling up the bit of material with black outlines.

Like so:

 photo marspri_zps8efd8778.jpg

I must not have been paying the least bit of attention, because they don't line up at all.  The three Avengers were already done - I've stitched four Final Fantasy outlines and two and a partial of the Batman ones.  There's room for two more Sprites on this piece (they'll eventually be cut apart) and the Joker will go after Harley.  I dunno who the last one will be.  Maybe Rinoa and the dog.

I also got my Mosaic afghan from 105 repeats to 120.  Only ten left to go before the edging!  Yay!

Since I showed off some work on a Nene Thomas pattern, here's another of her's from one of my HAED layaways.  This is 'House Divided'.  That dress is going to be sooooo very gorgeous!

 photo house_zps99b79854.jpg


  1. Great stitching. You have awesome taste in charts:)

  2. The faces on the first thing you worked on are amazing! Even the QS patterns must be huge- that's so cool! I love the sprites, too- thank you SO much for making them, again! In the 2nd row, next to Hulk, are both of them Yuffie? The last girl in that row is the only one I'm not sure of.

  3. The stitched faces are looking great! I like to start with the face, too. The dress on House Divided is gorgeous!

  4. Wow Tama - QS Lovers looks awesome. I love seeing the faces appear. The sprites are cute. Another great HAED chart.


  5. All your. Stitching is coming along beautifully! :)

  6. Looks like you got quite a bit of stitching done! It's all looking great and I love your new chart!

  7. Lol, the faces are kind of creepy like this, but still amazing! Can't wait to see them all filled in. and the sprites are all so cute!

  8. Like you, I also bring my cs to work but never could do much... there's always a lot to do all the time. But it's great of you to have done it earlier... I also love the gorgeous dress in 'House Divided'.:D