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Sunday, March 24, 2013

At Last

I was beginning to think this would never happen.

 photo msspat_zps44fc83c6.jpg

So when it did, a few minutes ago, I had to come and post about it.

 photo mssedge_zpsaf378d78.jpg

I just laid it and its plain but pretty edge on my king-size bed, to get an idea of the size.

 photo msscor_zps5bd20efa.jpg

I didn't even wait to cut off the yarn bits on the back.

 photo mssback_zps67bc5256.jpg

Or to block down the wavy single crochet edges.

 photo mssfull_zps85f68cc3.jpg

It's done, and you would not believe how happy I am to be able to say that!!!

Now it'll get a gentle blocking (those curly edges will straighten out like magic), then be folded up to wait for Mother's Day.  Since it was supposed to be a Christmas present, it won't hurt it to wait a bit longer : D


  1. It looks amazing! Congrats on the finish.

  2. Wow - such a HUGE undertaking!Congrats!

  3. Really beautiful! I'm so in awe!!!

  4. Wow, that looks so amazing! Congrats on a fantastic achievment!

  5. Congratulations on your fantastic finish! What a wonderful gift it will be!

  6. Congrats on finishing the afghan Tama. It turned great. Your mom will love it.