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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'A' is for Angel

Ta-da!  My post is earlier than I thought it would be :D

Day one I actually got the letter done.  I hold out no hopes for the rest of the month, haha!

I did make some changes - dark red for the border, instead of purple, and instead of gold Light Effects for the big letters, some gold satin floss I already had.  It's very shiny and pretty!

Angel is the good-guy (most of the time) vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in the spin-off 'Angel; the Series'.  He's played by David Boreanaz.

Here's a LINK to read about him if you like :D  I like this part best: 'SFX magazine named Angel as the third greatest vampire in television and film, with rival Spike in first place. They claim that, while he could have worked simply as a brooding love-interest (Buffy) or redemption-seeking hero (Angel), the character also has a "wonderfully appealing, self-effacing humour, helped no end by Boreanaz's ability to look like a slapped puppy".'

I do like the character, but Spike is my favorite!  Angel is either Spike's Sire or Grand-Sire, depending on if you follow the fandom belief that when Spike told Buffy his backstory, he was telling a big ol' romantic-style fib because he thought she'd like it better.

Anyway!  The image with the 'A' is the Claddagh ring that Angel gave to Buffy before he turned back into Angelus, the bad-guy vampire.  When he's Angel, he has his soul, when he loses his soul, he's Angelus.  He loses it more than once - the curse that gave him his soul has more loopholes than a lace doily.

I'll be back tomorrow with letter 'B'!


  1. Your site's theme is so warm and pretty! I loved waiting for it to was meditative. And Angel... well I love the Angel character in Buffy, fun! I'm a neighbor on the A to Z signup list and am having a visit, but it is funny, my A post is vampirish too! Hmmm is it in the air? Your stitching work is really neat!- Jeri

  2. Terrific start, Tama :-) My sister-in-law used to watch Buffy and Angel, so I'm a little familiar with the character. But I know him best as Sealy Booth on Bones. I enjoyed the background info, and I look forward to the rest of your progress.

  3. Wow, that satin floss REALLY sparkles! Looking forward to following your progress each day!


  4. Nice choice, great progress;)

  5. I love the sparkly satin! Thank you for explaining the significance of the Claddagh for the letter A.

  6. Great job! Can't wait to watch your progress!

  7. Great project Tama. My hubby used to watch those shows. I love the satin floss that your using.


  8. I watched the first couple of seasons of Buffy and he was quite compelling! I finally stopped watching Buffy when it became about 75 percent fight scenes and 25 percent character development. I just wanted to see the love story stuff!

  9. Great project.

    I am no fan of Spike, but I thought Angel was cool. Give me Dracula any day of the week.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  10. Ha ha you made me laugh. You're so right the Soul Curse had ALLLOTTT of loop holes. I love your changes they look great. I hope you do keep this one up.
    xo Alicia