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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Stitchy Update

After my Birthday Project, I worked on Unspoken... but there's no real progress to show.  I think that I'm going to stop making it mandatory that I work on it once a month - I really like it, but the last three months or so progress has been bleh.  So I think that making it a must-do is taking the fun out of it.  It's not leaving my rotation, it just won't pop up as often.  I'm hoping if I wait until I really want to work on it, I'll get a big ol' whack done again :D

The next rotation turn I spent on my kit from China, 'Profits Pouring'.  It's the printed-ink one.  I finally seem to have solved whatever problem was making my fingers hurt.  It was apparently the needle - they must have a different metal content than the ones we buy here.  It was a good quality, sturdy needle, but once I switched to one I already had, no more red, burning fingertips.  So I got a fair bit done!

I had just started the blue bird:

Now it's finished up, and the flowers!  That's part three of ten parts.

I'd say I was 30% done, but some of the blocks are much bigger!  Here's the piece showing the total of what I've finished:

And I've started the next block, which is three more white birds:

So yay!  That much closer to finishing this one!  I'm really looking forward to the big pink flower!  Here's the full picture again - haven't showed it in a while.

Happy Stitching!



  1. So nice to see this piece again, you've done a lot, looks magnificent already. The whole piece is massive! Stitching should be fun, on my part, I'm guilty of having UFOs due to backstitch:(

  2. I love this kit! It's so cool!!!! I keep seeing people on the Stitch Maynia FB page with the needleminders. I'm not even sure how they work. I just stick my needle into the arm of my chair when I'm switching out threads and stuff.

  3. Looks great Tama. I'm weird!! I love to backstitch.


  4. Lovely progress =) I'm happy you could solve the needle problem =)

  5. Wow this looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you solved the needle issue though, nothing worse than suffering for your craft.
    xo Alicia