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Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Raccoon

I wish R was for Realistic Raccoon.

You know what you can't find anywhere on the internet?  Or I couldn't?

A realistic Raccoon amigurumi pattern, that's what.  All I can find is cute ones:

They're flippin' adorable - but they don't look real.  #4 comes the closest, but not quite.  I see raccoons almost every day where I live.  They have a pretty specific body shape.

PlanetJune has one on her commission list - she let's people pledge to buy a pattern when it's created, and when she has enough pledges, she makes the pattern - but it's only about half pledged.

There is however, this:

Is that not the cutest thing?!  I love his mask! and his red bandana!  And his tummy!

On a side note, PlanetJune's horse pattern came out today.  It's... pretty.  The face is adorable.  The legs I don't like.  So I'm wavering about buying it, even though I can get a discount right now.  Eh, well.  We'll see!  This is the horse:

There's an expanstion pack to make a Pegasus and/or Unicorn:

I know why the legs are so sturdy - so the horse can stand by itself, I just wish they had a tiny bit more shaping.  Oh, well.  It's still super cute and I will still hold out for that etsy horse pattern to come back!  Then I can call this one a pony :D

Happy Stitching!



  1. He is totally adorable, my daughter is a huge raccoon fan, it looks like a brilliant project.
    thanks for sharing
    martine @ silencing the bell

  2. The first raccoon is so cute, well, everything else is cute!

  3. My wife has done scarecrow family some years ago,but nothing since l have photographed a raccoon with a deer at a bird feeder in Michigan

  4. #4 is definitely the closest to a real looking raccoon. I love the horse and unicorn....adorable! I think their legs look ok.

  5. Cute ones I love the unicorn and Pegasus :)