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Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Octopus!

Technically, the pattern is called 'Baby Kraken'.  It's by itsybitsyspider on etsy.


She recommends using one color for the head, a variegated for the tentacles, and choosing a color from the tentacles to highlight the eyes.

I kinda went a little different - not much, but I made a bit of a change.  Here's my baby-Kraken Octopus:

Yes, he's sitting on a mouse made out of a coconut.  Don't judge me XD

What I did differently was to swap my variegated yarn and my main color yarn out to make every other leg different.  I really like the way it came out!  I used Real Teal for the body, Bikini (I think) for his bottom and half the tentacles, and then GlowWorm for his eyes.

You can kinda see this if he's turned upside down:

He's super cute!  I love how most Amis will fit in your palm - this one wraps himself around your hand, too :D :D :D

I spent my free time this weekend working puzzles and doing cross stitch, so no Dragon update yet!

Happy Stitching :D