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Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for XRay

Yeah, I know... but there was only one animal I could really find that starts with an 'X', and no patterns for it.  Poor Xerus.  No one loves it :C

So X-Ray it is!  and I only found one really cute picture for that :D :D :D

What I started to do was use 'X' for 'X is for eXtremely Strange!' and introduce you guys to MrFox on etsy.  They do really sweet, cute things like Rawr, who you have seen before:

And the bee:

And more cute stuff but you guys NEED to go HERE and read the descriptions.  They are awesome!  Here's an example:

A Squid:

With this description:

'Many people fear squid due to their other-worldly anatomy and powerful tentacles. However, on the whole they're a gentle species and just float around the depths of the ocean with grace and serenity. Regardless, if a squid does happen to knock on your door you are advised to politely ask them to leave.'

They don't just make cute ones.  They make ones that make my Mother shake her head and my Sister demand them.  Now, I'm not going to put the really strange ones on here - you guys just need to go look!  Horace Behr and Mr Bunnyford top my list of strangest amigurumi.  :D  I do, however, adore the Mandrake.

And I also love Captain Thibault and his SkyWhale:

And that is that :D
Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the mandrake too! I sometimes have a hard time finding brown cotton yarn for some reason and most amigurumis of animals are brown which is a bummer...
    I think your sister is a girl after my own heart, I loved the Poe one you did for her and the dress you crocheted, you are such a good sister for making so many wonderful things for your family:D

  2. That mandrake! And the bee! and the SkyWhale! the top couple are so cute too.

  3. I love the mandrake! He looks so disgruntled lol