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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Kati

Okay, this one takes some explaining - I'll try to be brief!

I used to play on a game site called Wajas - it's if you're interested - where you can 'buy' (with game points) and 'breed' little fantasy dogs with weird markings - and occasionally things like wings, bug eyes, forked tongues, etc.  They are really cute but I'm not going to put up any pictures because I'm uncertain about copyright issues.

One of the players had an art contest to draw or make something featuring one of her special Wajas, named Kati.

Everyone else drew something; I made a Kati-amigurumi.  And I won first prize!  Which was 50 of the most expensive 'money' items on the game, not any actual money.  But it was fun!

I used PlanetJune's Shiba Inu pattern, because it was closest to the body shape of Kati's breed of Waja.  This is the pattern picture:

Kati is shades of brown and cream with markings like 'Shoulder Stripe', 'Back Brindle', 'Nose Bar', and 'Boots'.  She also had several accessories, one of which was a rose she held in her mouth.   There were a few structural changes - I made her body a tiny bit shorter and her legs a little longer.  Her ears are a bit bigger and so are her eyes.

Here's my finished project, with a craft rose added:

Visiting with Ghostie!  (see, my shelf does get neater on occasion!)

The Kati-amigurumi now lives with the owner of Kati the Waja, and there was reportedly much squeeing when she opened the box :D  I have a couple more pictures of her with other amigurumi I've made, so you may see more of Kati on other days :D

Happy Stitching!



  1. Congrats on winning first place Tama. She is adorable.


  2. Congratulations Tama!!!! What a cute project! XO