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Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for Ninja

Here's (finally) another one that I have made!

The pattern is called Roja, the Baby Ninja:

He was actually a bit tricky to make, since he is so very tiny! 
Also, he does quite well as a ninja because I can't find any pictures I took just of him - I can only find him lurking in the shadows in two pictures of something else!
He's behind Kati in this picture I took of her:
And he's at the bottom of this picture I took of my sibling and my sibling-in-law with the things I crocheted for them one year:
So, congrats on your ninja training, Roja!  It's working quite well!
Happy Stitching, guys :D


  1. Ha that's cute! A very well trained baby ninja!

  2. Roja is adorable Tama. I love the hat you did for your sister.


    1. It's called a Jellyfish Hat and is SUPER cute!

  3. Talented girl! Appreciate this about the #Challenge...finding new blogs while out blog hopping from North Carolina. I'm a paper craft person, altered books, collage "stuff." That is when I'm not writing etc. Come and visit me if you have time or interest in hotels and inns, my theme this year. Congratulations on your blog, well presented with obvious creativity energizing your posts.

  4. Oh I love the ninja, it's so cute!

  5. A very cute little ninja :)

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