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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Dragon

Sorry this one is late!  I had to go get camera batteries!

Continuing with Amigurumi patterns - D is for Dragon!  Also the first ones not from Planetjune!  I wish so much that she would do a dragon pattern but nothing yet :D

I own three ami-dragon patterns and I have started one of them.

These are the ones I own and I bought them all on etsy!



and #3, which is the one I started because it is the easiest of three very detailed patterns!

And this is one I've promised myself I can buy after I actually finish a dragon:

So awesome!  

Here's how far I am on the first one I started, though - not too far!  

I finished the head, main body, and tail, and started the first leg.  I have three legs, many toes, and the wings and trimmings to go!  I stopped for a while because it takes pipe cleaners and I wanted some that matched my yarn just in case they showed through.  I have some now, so I'll be picking up this pretty again!  

Here's a bit more cat - I thought it looked creepy/cute like this!  

That's its head - the green yarn bits are place markers for the safety eyes.  I had to go hunting those - I thought I knew where they were but they were not there!  I found only two pairs of 9mm - luckily those were the size I needed :D  They have to be put on before I go any further.

Happy stitching!



  1. Oh how I love all of the dragon patterns Tama. I might have to get one or two. Nice start on yours.


  2. AWWW They are adorable too!!!!!!

  3. These are GREAT!!. I am amazed at what you can do with some yarn and a hook..