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Monday, April 1, 2013

Goals, and the A-Z Challenge

These were my March Goals:

1. Work on Snowing  - Yep, although not a lot

2. Finish the black on Nostlagy and whatever background I can - done!

3. Work on Lovers during IHSW - done!

4. Work on Guardian Angel - nope

5. Work on Wufei - done!

6. Work on afghans - try to finish one - done! and the finish!

7. Do a motif on Mary Wigham - done!

8. Stitch two Sprites off my list - I stitched 8 outlines instead

9. Stitch the metallic bits on Fred - I got some of it done. 

10. Try not to start anything besides my usual birthday start - done! and I'll show the birthday start soon!

11. If I don't go insane getting this done, maybe a bit on Archangel? - didn't happen

For April:

1. Work on Snowing

2. Blog for the A-Z challenge

3. Work on Lovers during IHSW

4. Work on Wufei

5. Finish another afghan

6. Do a motif on Mary Wigham

7. Stitch a stocking ornament

8. Finish the metallic bits on Fred and get some backstitching done

9. Do at least one needleful of each Turtle Trot project before the 13th.

Now for the challenge - there's a button on the right that will take you to the main site - the goal is to post about something that will feature one letter of the alphabet, all in April.  That leaves five days, which will be taken up with this Goals post, the IHSW post, the Turtle-trot post, and leave me two open days.  You're supposed to pick a topic; mine's going to be trying to see if I can find some sort of cross-stitch, started or not, that I own for every letter of the alphabet.  So expect a lot in April - letter 'A' will be tomorrow!

And here's a letter 'A' from HAED, although this is not for the A-Z challenge!  It's from a layaway.

'Arthur', by LA Williams

 photo Arthur_zps9373fa3f.jpg


  1. Arthur looks great! What's for challenge?

  2. It looks like you did great on your March goals! Good for you! I'll be looking forward to your A-Z challenge and your Turtle Trot post.

  3. Another great chart Tama. I am really looking forward to your A-Z challenge. Sounds like fun. Maybe something I will do next year.


  4. The A-to-Z challenge is a blast! Good luck with all your goals!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

  5. You put me to shame. I'm still trying to finish my micro-cross stitch eyeglass case from the 80s! I finally had to tear out the year because time moved on. Great post and many wishes that you'll finish them all. Come visit when you can.