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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Four & the TUSAL

Wow - I'm barely making it!

Here's my first TUSAL pic -


Not much in that jar just yet.

I've always saved my orts, so the jar is nothing new. Here are two of my older jars, sitting prettily on a shelf. They're very sparkly in real life.


The TUSAL should be fun if I can keep up with it - and it will add to my jar collection, right? I do need to scrub the sticker residue off!

Today's start was 'Amish Quilted WallHanging' from a Cross Stitcher magazine. I don't remember the date. I won't be making it into a wallhanging - maybe a pillow, though. I love the colors, they're actually very bright.


I still have a cold, so after work I slept and then had dinner at my parents. This made stitching time non-existant and I only got two lengths of floss into the project. But here it is, such as it is!


I'll work on a WIP for the 'Up for a Challenge' tomorrow - I didn't have time today.

Later, dears!


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