My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Missing Days

Three days of starts - although they are small starts!

I did lose power; luckily not for too long as it was very, very cold!

We got a fair amount of snow but not a huge amount. Unfortunately, bad roads and no power do not excuse me from going to work - I'm supposed to be part time, but due to a supervisor being on medical leave, I'm currently working full-time. Only without full-time benefits. Bleh. And at half the pay of the 'real' full-time people. But at least it is pay - my electric bill for this month is ridiculous.

Good thing all these lovelies are from stash, then, yes? I'm much more fond of evenweave and linen now, but at the time I kitted most of these, I was only used to Aida. So that's what they are. No new fabric for me for a while... wah!

Day #8 - Lo, How a Rose

This is what it will look like:


And what I got done so far, stitched on 'Heartstone' colored fabric:


Day #9 - Prairie Schooler '1984 Santa'


one needleful of floss:


Day #10 - 'Mom' by Bent Creek. I stitched 'Dad' a few years ago. Sorry for the lousy pic; there's low light in here so I went online looking for one. Didn't do much better.


Again, one needle of floss:


These new starts are fun, but I'm not getting a lot done on them. I guess that's not the point, though. And these three I'm pretty sure I can get done this year :D

On the Flippin' Crazy Challenge side, I have finished another book on Frederick the Literate, the tall skinny book next to the owl. Not a big book, but one more toward the end! Someday, backstitching will turn the weird black Morse-code-like squiggles into the title 'Sardines'.


Well, I'm off to dig out another WIP! I can't decide though if I'll work on The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat or if I'll pull out the next WIP my Mum chose from my hat o'names - it's Chang Wufei and I wantwantwant to work on him, but last time I did I ended up getting all wrapped up in making patterns from pictures and it wasn't a good thing. I spent a lot of money on printer ink and floss...

Later, luvs!



  1. Nice starts! And great progress on Frederick!!!

  2. You're making good progress! Lo How A Rose is also on my to do list but not in my Crazy January Challenge, unfortunately. You may have inspired me to start it anyway!