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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tree VS Shotgun. Also, Art!

I started stitching a little tree, and soon it looked like it had been blasted with a shotgun:


I felt the need to take a picture of this. I don't know why.

I took the tree to work with me after I took this pic, and was ready to start filling in the other colors, only to find I had forgotten my pattern. So I started the Sprite of Wufei instead

That evening I had to take my Mum to a meeting, so I picked up the little box that has the stocking material in it, made sure I got the pattern, and left. While I was waiting for Mum, I was going to work on the tree. Only... once I got there, I found I had apparently taken the stocking floss out of the box at some point. And since I hadn't got far enough to figure that out at work, I didn't get it when I got the pattern. So I finished Wufei:


Then the next day I made sure I had everything for the tree. Only it turned into a monster with six different backstitch colors and every time I thought the little bugger was done, there was more to stitch. I don't usually mind backstitching but this time... that tree came close to being blasted with a shotgun for real.

But I perservered, and the tree is done now! Two stocking ornaments finished!


I showed my sister the Sprite of Wufei and got yelled at... so next I stitched this:


It's one of the two Sprites I promised her. It's of Knives from Scott Pilgrim. She gets the other after I stitch Duo.

I also discovered that Missy, who designs these patterns, has secret art hidden in them. See, my sis and I discovered this while I paused after just starting Knives:


We call it 'Extremely Sad Man Walking Down Lonely Road'. Ah, art...

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  1. And to think, I had that very pattern laid out on a perler board and didn't even see the message my subconscious was trying to send me! Apparently, I'm nowhere near as cheerful as I thought. XD Your Christmas tree looks really nice finished- the details on the ornaments are really cool- as do Wufei and Knives! Thank you for stitching them! I'll be going on about them on my blog tonight or tomorrow, if everything goes as planned. ^^