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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Three is for Eeyore

A while ago, I started stitching a set of little Winnie-the-Pooh pics for my baby sister.

(By a while ago, I mean when she was small and interested in Pooh. She is now married.)

Anyway, I stitched the Pooh and Piglet from this set - please excuse the blurry pic.


I lost interest in cross stitch for awhile. Now I'm finally starting Eeyore... he should be a quick stitch, provided I have time to stitch him. The third of the month is deadly at my job... too busy to breathe!

But here is his start:


And here is the WIP challenge piece for today:


And how it looks after this evening. I couldn't find the previous pic, but there's a very small one on my sidebar. I had a bit more than that done - the dolphins were finished except for backstitching, and I had started the coral. But I'm happy with my progress:


This 5x7 kit has been in progress for an embarrasingly long time. Since 2000, to be exact. Yikes. It's had a lot of mistakes, frogging, frustration, and being lost for several years. But this year, it's going down!

Until tomorrow!


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  1. The bookmarks are really cute...But I love love love....Did I mention love the dolphins!!! I collect dolphins. I may have to search and buy that pattern =) Can't wait to watch more progress!!