My Huge Work in Progress List!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Progress!

Day #11:

I started 'Bitter Flower'


Here's my huge start:


I'm stitching it on a piece of linen that I tried dyeing a while ago. It came out kind of odd, but I like it for this project.

Day #12, I started my pattern 'Erestor' made with a computer program. This is the exported pattern pic:


And my start:


I'm trying out gridding with him - I've only ever tried it twice before and I liked it then.

Day #13 - Chibi Sheep! This kit has no actual name, just a code:


But the sheep are adorable! And Anime-Chibi-Style. I'm thinking of calling them 'Karate Sheep', actually - they look like they are doing little karate poses. It's hilarious. Here's my start:


In my other challenge, I broke down and took Wufei out to work on him (it wasn't much of a breakdown, trust me) and I'm working my way down his arm to the bottom of the pattern. Once I reach the bottom, I'm taking a break from all the big chunks of color and rewarding myself by stitching his other eye.


I'm also working on Sprites and another Christmas Stocking - not far enough along for pics yet; I'll prolly wait until those are done.

Only two days of the Crazy January Challenge left! Two new starts! This has been lots of FUN!!!



  1. I'm absolutely in love with all the starts! It's hard to say which one I adore more - both Erestor and sheep are total favourites! can't wait to see your further progress one them! <3

  2. You have some great projects started. Bitter Flower is one of my challenge pieces too!

    Can't wait to see your finishes... happy stitching.