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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Bit of Yarr, A Bit of Love

Here's my teeny-tiny bit of Yarr, from yesterday.  I got about 300 stitches done, though it certainly doesn't look it! So tiny! Also, there are five shades of blue and grey in it!

 photo yarr1_zpsb876fe0a.jpg

Here's my project that I'm starting today - I found two of this brand-name of kits at a flea market last year. There was no date that I could find, but they were old enough that the needle had rusted to the fabric.  I'll show you however much I get done of it tomorrow, and the other kit I will start this month, too.

 photo love_zps9bf51ddf.jpg

It makes me sing the Beatles song 'All You Need is Love' whenever I see it!  Also, the actual floss colors are very bright, bubble-gum style colors which makes me think it's probably an early-80's kit.

I got a $10 gift card from another friend, and I spent it at Witchykitt Designs, cleaning off the last of my wishlist.  The lady who owns it says she'll be putting new designs up at the end of January - but for now, I have all the charts I want from it because there was also a 50% off coupon!  Here's a few:

'Keeper of Time'
 photo keeperoftime_zps4ba3f378.jpg

'Early Death'
 photo 2265_zps8b963e37.jpg

'Fairy Pixie'
 photo fairypixie_zps791e74d6.jpg

 photo resting_zps392dba10.jpg

and 'Paradise Bird'
 photo paradisebird_zps423b6e6c.jpg

I got all of these and four more and ended up with a couple pennies on my card.  So that was a fun day!  I'll show you guys the four others later; they kind of go together.


  1. It's funny but every time I see a cross stitch kit picture, I now examine it to see how many colour changes it will take. That has put me off a lot of kits!

  2. More great stash Tama. I like the kit and you good progress on your new start.


  3. Great start on Yarr =) It's always fascinating how many different colors there are =)

    I love the new charts you got and I am looking forward to see them stitched up =)

  4. The Love kit is so cute! I heard the Beatles song in my head when I saw that too! Witchykitt has great designs!

  5. Great start on Yarr, I love that picture!