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Monday, January 27, 2014

Agh! The pictures!

Lol - most of my pictures have vanished!  That has never happened to me before!

I use Photobucket instead of Blogger usually - last post I used Blogger.  I may upgrade, or I may wait until the end of the month when my bandwith levels are supposed to reset - three days or three bucks?  HAHAHA!

EDIT:  I'm going to wait.  I was informed if I paid now, I'd still have to pay again for next month.  I'm a miser, I guess!  The pictures will be back in a few days!!!

EDIT AGAIN:  Apparently, mine rolls over on the 28th, since that's the day I joined.  Pics are back!


  1. I've decided that the next time they ask for money for more bandwith on blogger, I'm gonna pay it. Photobucket is way too cumbersome. I made a terrible mistake last year when I decided to edit my photobucket pics. I didn't realize that moving them within photobucket albums would remove them from my blog. I spent days and days fixing it.

  2. I used to use photobucket many years ago, but when they changed it, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I use flickr now, but I really haven't been happy with the changes they went through recently either...but I'm grandfathered in to flickr now and it's just easier to stay there. I don't know if there is a good picture site or not, because once you find one, they change!