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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yiotas and Janlynn

I've wanted a kit from Yiotas for the longest time - I've seen them on so many blogs and they look awesome!  I finally got one last year, but I wanted to start it before I posted!  I also had a Janlynn kit I was dying to do, so I thought I might show the differences :D

Here's my two new lovely starts (these are also the two missing slots in my Turtle-Trot list).

'Princess of Sun' by Yiotas and 'Funky Cat' by Janlynn

 photo twokit_zps02e8858c.jpg

I adore two things about Yiotas' kits - the way she does the floss and the soft, soft, lovely soft fabric!

Here's the Yiotas' kit's floss - all neatly wrapped and ready to go.  They are stuck a sturdy bit of paper, but not by the floss - there's a bit of tacky glue on the top of the bobbin.

 photo twokit1_zps52ddccc5.jpg

Just for comparison, this is Funky Cat's floss:

 photo twokit2_zps6436a817.jpg

Yiotas' nice, smooth fabric, and then the usual horrible kit stuff - although if you dunk kit fabric in warm water before you use it, and iron it dry, it gets nice and soft.  It's full of starch to keep it flat in the packaging.  Which I will admit, is better than it getting all torn up during mass production.  It's no fun to stitch on unless it's washed first, though.

 photo twokit3_zpse0314665.jpg

 photo twokit4_zpsc3b676ed.jpg

Janlynn's stood up all by itself - I was very amused. I got some odd looks (I took these at work, on break. Coworkers think its odd when you're laughing like a hyena at something they can't see. I dunno why.)

The patterns actually weren't too different - both nice and big, easy to see, and just a little bit awkward to work with unless you fold them or make working copies.  But I like working copies, anyway, so that doesn't bother me!

 photo twokit5_zpsd863f01d.jpg

 photo twokit6_zps162b159f.jpg

My grandmother has a saying 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'.  Means don't judge something until you've tried it.  So I used that as my excuse for two fairly large new starts!

Princess of Sun is as nice to stitch as I thought it would be.  I'm still petting that lovely fabric!

 photo prin1_zpsa49a6c0a.jpg

And Funky Cat is still a bit stiff after the washing but I love the design!

 photo funk1_zps0cb164e6.jpg

So there are starts #17 and #18 for January, and I think they are actually #7 and #8 on Turtle-Trot.  Weird.


  1. I love both your new starts Tama. Funky Cat is great. Nice colors.


  2. I actually like the Aida cloth being stiff. It stays nice and taught in the hoop. But it eventually softens up the longer I work.

  3. What a great review, Tama! I didn't realize I could make the stiff Aida soft by getting it wet first. I have one Yiota's kit too.

  4. Great new starts. Look forward to seeing more.

  5. Ah, I have funky cat, too, and thought that I had a faulty one! I started stitching at a different point, so I'll have to post a photo of mine soon! I love the image, though, so I'm really excited to see someone else working on it! Best of luck with both kits!

  6. Looking forward to see more of both of them, they are both really fun.
    It's nice to read a review or comparison like yours.

  7. I love your Yiota design! Looking forward to see it grow :) I've ordered from Yiota too but only opted for the PDF chart so I could choose my own fabric! Thanks for the tip too about the warm water, I'll definitely give it a go

  8. I have a Yiotas too that I absolutely loved the pattern on and I completely agree with your review, nice floss and wonderful fabric! It may stay in my stash until the dawn of time, but I always know it's there!