My Huge Work in Progress List!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Projects #10 and #11

I am up to number 16 in my January projects, but I am way behind on my posts!  One of my coworkers has her mother in the hospital and I've been covering her shifts.  I'm not going to flood you with bunches of pictures all at once, though - so here are two for today.

#10 is my Princess Palace.  It did look like this:

 photo qsnap1_zpscc838c65.jpg

I got it this far - finished the Princess, started the Prince, did a wee bit more wallpaper and some of the magic harp, stitched the champagne bubbles, and stitched a vase of floating roses sitting on a floating table (really need some backstitch!)  My goal on this one, by the February Turtle-Trot, is to have the right side of the room done and start filling in around it so I can backstitch the whole room at once.

 photo ppJan14_zpsa5d1b5b9.jpg

#11 is the next ornament in my kit of 30 Christmas Stocking Ornaments - this one will grow up to be one with white poinsettias.  I got more done on it than most of my other projects.  Pic is a little dark so the white would show up.

 photo poin1_zpsce63a151.jpg

I'll post two more tomorrow - today I am getting out Lovers for the IHSW, and it will be project #16 - so I am waaaay behind, see?


  1. Nice stitching projects.


  2. I need to get to my projects!

  3. The Palace is looking great Tama. I haven't touched the Stable since November. Love the little ornaments.


  4. Are those silver bubbles coming out of a bottle on Princess Palace? I can't wait to see the backstitching! I added your pic to the SAL page.